All of our trips operate in the one of the most highly protected marine areas in Britain. The Firth of Lorne is a Special Area of Conservation and a Marine Protected Area, where damaging fishing methods have been banned for a decade. As a result we have healthy fish populations which provide rich feeding grounds and a hotspot for sightings of whales, porpoises, dolphins, basking sharks and an amazing abundance of sea birds. Porpoise populations have increased by 286% over the past 10 years and are of international importance.

We schedule our trips at different times each day according to the tides so that you are in the best location at the optimal time to see feeding activity.

All trips include the Corryvreckan whirlpool, Ballachuan Hazelwood (a Scottish Wildlife Trust Reserve), dramatic sea cliffs and uninhabited islands where golden and sea eagles are resident. The rugged coastline is home to otters, deer and wild goats.

Corryvreckan Wildlife Cruise (3 & 4 hours)


Our most popular trips, perfect for all ages, taking in spectacular scenery and a stunning variety of wildlife. The 4 hour trips range further and allow for more encounters!

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The three & four hour Corrvreckan Wildlife Cruises run when the whirlpool is less active. This is generally better for spotting wildlife and enjoying calmer seas. For the more adventurous, check out the Whirlpool Special trips below!

We almost always see porpoise, eagles, seals, wild goats, deer and a huge variety of birds. We regularly see dolphins, otters, osprey and all three species of divers. Basking sharks and whales are sometimes seen in the summer however these are more frequently seen on the longer Whale Search trips.

Our charming wildlife guide will tell you all about the species that we see, and entertain you with stories about notable shipwrecks, Viking legends, the intrepid travels of Celtic Saints.

Whale Search and Corryvreckan Cruise (4 & 5 hours)

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Our powerful and stable boat is ideal for longer offshore trips. With 30 years as an owner / skipper in the area, and as a marine biologist, David knows the best places to look for whales.

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The Whale Search Cruises are run in the summer which is the best time to head offshore in search of minke whales. Whales, dolphins, porpoise, otters and seals feed in different areas depending on the state of the tide, so to give you the best chance of sightings we time our cruises according to the tides. If it is a bit rough, we take the opportunity to take a detailed look at the rich wildlife in the shelter of the many local islands. The best time of the year for whale watching is from June to September.

These longer trips include all the sights of our shorter trips and also normally include the very special offshore islands of the Garvellachs, including the Holy Isle where St. Brendan founded a famous monastery 1500 years ago. We can land on the islands and visit these ruins as a private charter.

Whirlpool Special (3 & 4 hours)

Whirlpool final

We run these trips during big, spring tides when the whirlpool is at its most dramatic. You will experience the thrill and power of the infamous Corryvreckan – a trip to remember!

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The power of the whirlpool depends on the tides (which are predictable) and the sea state (which is less predictable). Every two weeks there are big ‘spring tides’ when the whirlpool is at its most active at the height of the flood and ebb tide. The tides change direction every six hours (slack water) and run at their strongest mid-way between slacks. These trips are timed to put you at the whirlpool during its strongest run.

If you are looking for a high-spirited adventure, than this is the trip for you!

In the stronger tides you will see the whirlpool at its most dramatic, this can make spotting wildlife more difficult in the whirlpool areas. However, since these trips follow a similar route to the 3 & 4 hour Corryvreckan Wildlife Cruise we would still expect to see a good diversity of species.

Private Charter & Landings

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