Update 24th May 2014

It looks like we are going to get a great week for the bank holiday and half term, roll on the factor 50! We saw five otters on one trip last week, looks like some of last years kits are still with their mother so it will be interesting to watch the dynamics if and when she has new babies, it will be time to leave home for these youngsters and find their own pad!
The sea birds are increasing in numbers and we had our first sightings this year of Manx Shearwaters when we were diving far offshore south of the Garvellachs. They come ashore only when it is completely dark and breed in rabbit burrows (presumably the rabbits have vacated these burrows) and they have a weird wailing call after dark. When they fly they keep very close to the water on stiffly held wings and have very dark upper parts and white underparts. Other sightings this week have included the sea eagles, golden eagles, porpoises, seals and deer.