Easter 2015

Porpoise 2 is back in the water after six weeks being polished, painted, pampered and new toys fitted. It’s great to have her back on the pontoon and we are looking forward to a wonderful season. Yesterday we had our first wildlife trip and it was just amazing! We saw both local pairs of sea eagles sitting on eggs, what a privilege to see all four adult birds on one trip and very exciting that we may soon see youngsters in the nests. It’s a great time to be seeing these eagles as they are good parents and are always on or around the nest most of the time. We take great care approaching the areas where the nests are and do not get too close as we do not want to disturb the birds at this critical time, if an eagle were to leave an egg for long it could get cold and the chick would not survive. On our boat we have great binoculars so you can get a good view of the birds and the nest from some distance.