Sea Eagle spring blog

Here we are at the spring equinox, it’s an exciting time with the promise of good weather and lots of wildlife watching ahead of us. We have been lucky with the weather and sightings so far.

Although March isn’t the best time for whale watching in Scotland there are lots of other things to see including porpoise and dolphin and it’s a great time for eagles. Last week we saw four sea eagles together and we think this was the whole family from last year when the parents raised two healthy chicks. This might be the last time that they will be together for a while because the adults will very soon be nesting again and the juveniles have to make their own way in the world. The adults will not tolerate the youngsters being around while they are nesting and raising their new chicks.

Today we saw the two adults together but no sign of the youngsters.  Two years ago the adults had one chick which for the summer after the year when it was born flew around aimlessly looking quite lost. It would often fly around the boat as it was obviously used to seeing us and perhaps saw the boat as a reassuring presence! However, after that summers’ chicks had fledged the young adult was allowed back into the family circle and they were all reunited with that juvenile and the new chicks and the adults all flying around together.

Here’s a photo of one of the chicks learning to fly last summer: