24th July 2016


Here’s a wee sample of some of the wildlife we have seen this week:

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What a beautiful look of love between this common seal mother and its pup. We are seeing lots of these wee ones on the shore and in the water on our trips, we even saw a mum and pup up next to the boat on the pontoon! Common seal pups can swim hours after they are born which means they can escape predators on the shore. The mum will feed the pup on super fat milk for a few weeks and will teach it all she knows about fishing in this time. After a while the mum will leave the pup alone on the shore for long periods while she feeds up and regains her strength but will come back to feed the pup. After that the pup will have to fend for itself and use all the skills it has learned to survive. Its a great time right now to see mum and pup together either in the water or like here resting on the shore.